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Tehold Maize Mill Machine

Maize Milling Machine, which is a project with human development, corn flour raises people and bring benefits. Maize Flour Machine rapid development in agricultural developed countries, we manufacture maize milling machine nearly 10 years since 2008.The society is now highly competitive,In the past few years, we have continuously innovated technology to meet different market needs. We produce maize flour machine from small capacity 5 ton per day to Full-auto Maize Milling Plant 500 TPD. Bigger capacity higher configuration, related final flour extraction rate and flour quality.


Maize Milling Machine

For Tehold , Africa is like the second homeland, due to most of customers there. In Kenya, 90% people eat white maize meal as their staple food "Ugali”, flour sell in 1 kg or 2 kg bag, each bale has 12 bags While in Uganda, people like super fineness corn flour. Our Corn Flour Machine advantages are : can produce different final products meet customers' requirement .In our process for maize milling machine, we adopt the degerminator to select corn germ in the cleaning section, and sifters check flour grade. Corn flour and corn grits as the mainly product, by product are corn germ and bran. The corn flour and corn meal sometimes used for making Breakfast cerealwhile the corn germ could be selected for making oil and bran for making animal feed.


When You plan to invest the flour milling plant,please do the basic market research,like raw grain and final product in local market,if you consider export,don't forget what people like to eat there.If you need any support, please don't hesitate to Contact us.

Post time: Jul-18-2020