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How To Make A Good Flour Mill Business Plan In Flour Production

The well-developed flour mill machinery has brought changes in the flour milling plants, in the flour market of China. The large flour milling plant seems to have taken up a big part, and it is not simply because of the high productivity, they have a much more complicated flour mill business plan than the others. A good business plan is not the privilege of large scale factories, the small and middle scale flour mill plants can do the same and benefit from it either. As the plans of large flour mills can be more specific and comprehensive, the following tips are from one top flour mill factory in China.


Flour mill machinery

1.  The quality control of your raw material wheat: set up a procurement team to search for the wheat that can meet up with your production standards. For example-the pesticide residue is an important factor.

2.  The productive process control: moderate the cleaning effect all the time, make determination of the flour’s whiteness and milling degree, monitor the operation of the workers to prevent unnecessary equipment faults and safety problems.

3.  Each processing step shall be done in separate rooms, this way the pollution from other environment can be prevented.

Post time: Jul-18-2020