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6-10T/D Animal Feed Machine

  • 6-10T/D Animal Feed Machine

6-10T/D Animal Feed Machine

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Total power: 32KW

Capacity: 6-10T/24H

Delivery: in 15 days

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This is smart feedstuff machine for making granular poultry feed, pig feed, cattle feed and fish feed. The whole line includes crusher, cyclone separator, conveyor, mixer, granular pelletizer etc.

Since the price of grain keep raising, price of feedstuff remains high too, the feedstuff factory and dealers also add their profits, this makes the feedstuff pretty high in price. So it is smart and economic to start your own feedstuff machine to reduce the cost of feeding animals, the feedstuff can also be sold to the farm or domestic feeding. The raw materials can be crop straws, weed and leftovers from grain processing factory like slag cakes, bran and fodder flour. After biological treatment, mix them with maize flour and bran, vitamin and microelement, then make into granule with high nutrition. It will be easy for the livestock and fish to digest and absorb and grow fast.

This machine works in flow process, inclusive of crushing, mixing and pelletizing etc. this is a dry way processing, during the process, there is no need to add water or steam, and the machine itself will make the material slaking by friction heat.

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