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50-5000g Packing

  • 50-5000g Packing

50-5000g Packing

Short Description:

Semi-Automatic powdery packing machine

Packing range: 50-5000g

Application: Mainly used for feeding powdery and granular materials like flour, milk powder, pesticide, chemicals, and foodstuff spices etc.

Packing speed: 1200-3000bags/hour

Dimension: 690×1060×2000mm

Power: AC380 50HZ.1000W

Product Detail

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50-5000G PACKING

●It adopts Hybrid stepping motor or Servo motor control, fast speed and high precision.

●Weighing and displaying together, easy to operate.

●Whole stainless steel made.

●Strong and weak electric isolation, avoidance of Interference, more steady.

●Density tracking, weighing data feedback, guarantee error correcting.

●Weight out-of-tolerance alarm

●Production counting.

●Power Failure Protection


This feeder matches with the packing machine above to realize automatic flour feeding efficiently, mainly used for feeding powdery and granular materials, the rotary blades will push the flour continuously at a certain speed and reasonable force to the packing unit to save labor and improve working efficiency.


Feeding motor and vibrating motor are separately controlled.

Convey height: 1650mm

Power: AC380V&50HZ.1.5KW

Overweight: 120kg

Volume: 100L

Capacity: 3M3/H

Out Dia. of auger: φ114mm, inclined angle: 45°

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