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20T/D Maize Mill Machine

  • 20T/D Maize Mill Machine
  • 20T/D Maize Mill Machine

20T/D Maize Mill Machine

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1. Capacity: 20T/D Maize

2. Building size: 26*65*18ft (W*L*H)

2. Total power: 79KW, 380V and frequency 50HZ

3. Products: Sifted Grade1 maize meal, maize grits, fodder flour and bran.

4. Technicians available for overseas service (charged)

5. Yield: super refined sifted maize flour (pure white) 80-82%; byproducts 18-20%.

6 Time table:

Fabrication: within 30 days upon deposit

Shipment from China to Mombasa: 35 days

7. Cleaning system: 1# lifting---maize cleaning---dampening---2#lifting---Dehulling ---3# lifting---premilling

8. Milling system: Roller mills, Plan sifter, pneumatic system, control cabinet, all accessories.

9. Container: Full 20ft container required

10. Delivery: in 20 working days

11. Parameters:

A. corn flour fineness: 20-80 mesh (the fineness of powder can be controlled)

B. sand content :< 0.02%

C. magnetic metal content :< 0.003 / kg

D. water: storage type 13.5-14.5%

E. fat content: 0.5-1%

F. appearance taste: uniform size particle with golden color, smooth, without edges, silty fine, and pure taste.

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